Monday, 7 January 2013

'Inspiring People' speaking at Perth Concert Hall

Stunning photography, slow travel and adventures on every continent: three fascinating talks are still to come to Perth as part of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's 'Inspiring People' talks programme.

First up, renowned photographer Timothy Allen will be sharing images from his time as the official photographer for the BBC series Human Planet.  He will visit Perth on the 15th of January to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the awe-inspiring series, which marvels at mankind's relationship with nature in the world today.

Timothy Allen. Human Planet. BBC.
Timothy Allen. Human Planet.

In February, Dan Kieran will discuss the reason's he thinks travellers should stop looking for the fastest travel options,  take the 'slow travel' option, and learn to appreciate the experience of travelling.  Dan asks if we really travel any more, or if we just arrive. Besides extolling the virtues of 'staycation' holidaying, Dan argues that we need to bin the brochure, glide rather than fly, embrace disaster, be epic in our travel pursuits, and immerse ourselves in the life-changing experience of true journeying. Dan will speak on the 12th.

Dan Kieran, the Idle Traveller.
Dan Kieran. The Idle Traveller.

Adventurer and climber Neil Laughton will speak for the RSGS on the 5th of March.  

Neil has completed the Explorers Grand Slam, climbing the highest mountain on each continent and skiing to the Geographic North and South Poles. He has also made 12 first ascents in Greenland, trekked unsupported across South Georgia, circumnavigated the UK on a jet-ski, and piloted the world’s first road-legal bio-fuelled flying car 10,000km from London to Timbuktu.

Neil Laughton. Flying Car.
Neil Laughton. Adventures on Seven Continents.

These talks will all take place at Perth Concert Hall. Tickets are £8.50 (includes booking fee) for adults and free for Students, under 18s and RSGS members.  Tickets are available at and the Box Office 01738 621 031.  For more information on these talks please contact 

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