Monday, 11 February 2013

Mike Robinson joins debate on cutting carbon emissions

The Business Engagement Sub-Group of the Scotland's 2020 Climate Group, a body of all the main companies trying to help work towards a lower carbon economy, convened a public debate this week around the theme of public engagement and transport.  

The meeting was chaired by Ian Marchant, the CEO of SSE, and the RSGS's Mike Robinson was one of four presenters, alongside Futerra's Ed Gillespie; Edinburgh University's Andy Kerr, and the Road Haulage Association's Phil Flanders.    

The debate focused on the plans and possibilities for helping increase active travel, reduce emissions, and challenging misconceptions around travel.    How to reduce congestion, increase modal shift, and make roads safer were all discussed.    A webcast will be made available on Scotland's 2020 Climate Group website soon. 

Read about the organisations work on cutting carbon in transport here.