Monday, 15 April 2013

Collections Corner: A map of "Scotland in Miniature" from 1913

The Isle of Arran as seen by the Ordnance Survey in 1913

It’s spring-cleaning time and despite hibernating somewhat during the recent freezing weather, our Collections Team’s busy selecting maps to put on public display now the Society’s re-opened the Fair Maid’s House for viewing.  Why not come and take a peek?

We’ve put out this old Ordnance Survey 1 inch to 1 mile (1:63,360) map of the island of Arran, printed exactly a 100 years ago, to remind people of the island’s complex topography and the bad time its inhabitants suffered recently with very heavy snow drifts and electricity power lines and pylons brought down by the bitter winds – all giving rise to huge coverage in the media.

The East Coast of the Island. Click to Enlarge.
The unusual way the relief’s shown on this map highlights brilliantly the dramatic and varied landscapes on Arran, not least round the island’s highest point, Goat Fell.  Arran is often described as "Scotland in miniature" All will soon feature in the Arran Mountain Festival from 17-20 May, where there’s a chance to take part in guided ridge and coastal walks in this beautiful corner of Scotland.  But we suggest you don’t take this map with you on your walk as it’s a little bit out of date and we wouldn’t wish you to get lost (!) – though it’s very interesting indeed to compare its content with a modern map of Arran.