Friday, 19 April 2013

From our President - Professor Iain Stewart: Please help our Digital Drive.

From our President - Professor Iain Stewart:
Geography is great! It gives us a wonderful way of exploring and explaining our world. It covers a wealth of issues and interests. It offers something for everyone. 

The RSGS is a repository of some of the greatest geographical and adventure stories of the past 150 years;
we are determined to share them and to restore an appreciation of geography in Scotland. 

People who know what we are doing, like what we are doing — they like our talks programme, our education projects, our events, our visitor centre, our newsletter. But not enough people know what we are doing. For geography to survive and thrive, we must appeal to many more people and to young people, and we must inspire enthusiasm for geographical issues amongst a host of competing interests. 

To do this, we need to develop new ways of communicating that are far-reaching, innovative, creative, modern, and exciting. With c80% of the UK's adults regularly accessing the internet, and nearly half of all adults (and c.90% of 16-24 year olds) using social networking sites, we need to make significant improvements to the RSGS's digital communications.
We need to:
  • redesign the RSGS website so that it is easier to use, more informative, more reliable, and more accessible from mobile phones and tablets;
  • increase our electronic communications and develop our new social media;
  • develop imaginative new digital resources for individuals, schools and other educational groups;
  • broaden access to the RSGS's current activities and fascinating heritage, particularly for the many people unable to visit us in Perth.

  • We know we can captivate and excite people when we have contact with them. Better digital communications will help us to contact more people more efficiently, to share our passion for geography and prove the vitality of our subject.

    Can you please help us?

  • £25 would bring two pages of the website up-to-date
  • £40 would help us to buy film-editing software
  • £75 would help us to buy a simple animated illustration
  • £120 would buy a digital photo frame
  • £750 would buy a high-quality multi-function camera kit 

  • As a professor of geoscience communication, I fully endorse this drive to make the RSGS more visible and accessible. Every donation will make a difference, so please help us if you can.

    Professor Iain Stewart,

    To donate to our Digital Drive campaign, please visit this website, scroll to the bottom and click the yellow "Donate Now" button.  Thank you.