Friday, 4 April 2014

Royal Scottish Geographical Society Logo


You may have spotted that we have started using a new Royal Scottish Geographical Society logo.

It was noted at a Board meeting last year that the RSGS crest we have always used is difficult to read or identify, especially when used in a smaller format. Since profile is critical for a small charity like ours, and a clear, distinct and recognisable logo is helpful in achieving this, we were tasked with coming up with a solution. Oh, and we couldn’t spend any money on it.

I am delighted to say that, after some brainstorming and discussion, and some experimentation with different designs, we have arrived at a finished logo, based on our Finance Officer Pam’s idea to reflect this quarterly magazine, in terms of its colours and the fact that geography has many layers and aspects to it. With four component parts, the logo has references to the collection and historical geography (old map and compass), environment and nature (leaves), human geography (people), and physical geography (pebbles). The logo also has a sense of depth and perspective, again subtle reminders of the value of geographical thinking.

We hope you like it; Board have certainly been fulsome in their support for the new design (possibly because it only cost £48 plus two packets of biscuits), and first reactions from further afield have been very favourable. It does not mean losing the crest, as this will continue to appear on more formal documents, medals and other materials, but we now have a lively modern logo which is clearer and more distinct, which will allow us to become more identifiable, and which can be used more flexibly on the new website and other media.