Friday, 28 June 2013

Perth book launch reconnects stories with the people who inspired them

Villagers from Perthshire villages Guildtown and Wolfhill gathered at the RSGS Headquarters this week, along with writers and environmentalists for the local launch of a new short story book - "Beacons - Stories for our not so distant future".

Mike Robinson, who managed the climate challenge funded project in the two villages said : "This project has taken nearly seven years to get to this point, and we are grateful to the people of Wolfhill and Guildtown for their support, and to the stellar list of authors who have all contributed stories."

Authors were invited to spend a weekend in discussion with locals, leading environmentalists and a range of experts.   The authors gave poetry and prose readings for villagers, ran sessions for local children in how to draw cartoons, and took part in a ceilidh and a number of other social events.    This initiative has resulted in the publication of this book of short stories.   Expenses and costs were funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and the Sibthorp Trust.

Gregory Norminton, the book's editor who put a huge effort into recruiting authors and publishing the book said, “This book is intended to communicate to the heart and imagination, in a way that much scientific literature struggles to do.    Some people seem to fear change more than they fear climate change.   We hope this book of short stories will challenge, engage, amuse and inspire people and that it might encourage people to think about the sorts of changes they can make to help.”