Monday, 15 July 2013

Stories in the Land: The Bedrock Walk

Setting off today, a small group of people are planning to walk together from Dalwhinnie to Glen Nevis; taking part in a mobile conference, an on-going conversation, a collaborative venture, a sharing of skills and points of view. 

This journey is called "The Bedrock Walk: a journey through geological time" and is part of the RSGS's Stories in the Land project.

The diverse group on the Bedrock Walk will include geologists, geographers, educators, writers, musicians and artists.  They will be following the Thieves' Road, which was used at a drove road and smugglers' path for centuries.

Using as its foundational idea the rock that underpins their journey, the multi-disciplinary group will share, learn, collect and create along the way. 

It’s impossible to predict outcomes, as in any walking journey, but they hope to generate new stories and explore some of the following questions (and more): 
  • What stories, history, music, sound are ‘held’ or inspired by the rocks and stones and land.
  • How was the landscape made and how does the geology determine what flourishes?
  • Why it became an important route.
  • The part played by human culture in the past and currently.
  •  What does time mean in such a context, and what future might we imagine for the places we move through?
  • How does the physicality and rhythm of walking for several days help us to access any of this?

Find out more about the Bedrock Walk, and the Stories in the Land project at